A few words about us

Xmotos is a part of the XGROUP Corporation, and it is the largest dirtbikes manufacturer in China. All the models are developed by a team of 15 experienced engineers, and this is maybe the reason why this company managed to become a worldwide recognized name in the motorcycle industry, in less than 4 years after their first release.

Xmotos is a brand that has fans from Australia to Germany, where you can find specialized forums of Xmotos passionate owners. The motorcycles are known for their reliability and small prices, but also for their large number of models. Xmotos makes bikes for children, adults and for professional bikers, and each year brings new Xmotos models.
The quality of the Xmotos team is observed in the respective models. Only quality parts are used for manufacturing those bikes, and principles like safety and reliability are considered laws. This is the reason why Xmotos bikes are perfectly safe for kids, adults and professional bikers.

Some people might wonder how a small company like this could have such a great success so easily. This is owned to the dedication of the Xmotos engineers formed of 50 professionals, which had previously worked for other major motorcycle manufacturers from Japan and South Korea. However, it is not only their credit, as the whole team, from the first manager to the last worker on the production line have the goal of satisfying the demands of the increasing market. This way, Xmotos is now seen as a reliable mark in the world of bikes, not as a common bikes manufacturer.

Xmotos even has its racing team, composed of 5 boys and one girl, and they are pretty successful and popular. They even have their own fans base, and their popularity would grow even more, as motorcycle fans would start to discover the advantages of this mark.

Quality control is assured by four different teams, so Xmotos makes sure that every vehicle that comes out of the factory’s gates is perfectly safe and secure. The parts that do not pass the security inspection are replaced, and any part, which is brought from outside the factory, is checked. This way, Xmotos has a great acceptance rate, as 90 % of ATV’s and dirtbikes coming out of the assembly line pass the security inspection. The rest of them are replaced before being sent to the client.

As for the accessories, Xmotos uses only the most resistant materials, coming up with the best accessories that can be currently found on the market. From gloves to glasses, any product manufactured by Xmotos meets the safety standards imposed in Europe and North America.

The principles of Xmotos are safety and reliability for all ages, at affordable prices. Xmotos is determined to destroy the general opinion that Chinese products are bad, and this can only be done by releasing performing products on the market. Considering the fact that the Xmotos dirtbikes have an immense success in countries like Australia and Germany, where the customers are exigent, we could say that they have reached their goal.


History of Xmotos

First in China: 'China Motor Corporation'

Xmotos is a part of XGROUP Corporation, established in 1997. Initially, the group produced garden machineries but as the year passed, the company was divided into 4 divisions. Today, XGROUP manufactures garden machineries, ladders and power coating, but the most successful division remains Xmotos, which manufactures motorcycles and accessories.

Xmotos has become one of the largest Chinese motorcycle manufacturers only in 4 years. Today, it has about 500 employees, and a factory of 60 000 square meters. During the latest years, Xmotos managed to bring some great engineers abroad, with the purpose of creating quality motorcycles. This effort was rewarded with international recognition, as today, Xmotos is certified in USA and Europe, respecting all the standards of quality and safety imposed in those countries.

Xmotos started its production with a small 55 ccm motorcycle designed for kids, but considering their immediate success, they have decided to manufacture motorcycles for adults also. Their first 125 ccm dirtbike appeared only a few months later, and in 2010, the first 250 ccm motorcycle was released. Today, their focus is on ZX250R, the latest addition to the Xmotos family, and the most successful motorcycle of this company since now.

Xmotos is known for its variety of products. During their 4-year history, they managed to release more than 30 models of dirtbikes, motorcycles and ATV’s, as well as some electric bikes. They also have perfect after-sales services, making Xmotos a name known in more than 30 countries. Xmotos has motorcycles for adults, children and sportsmen, and they are also able to customize their models according to the client’s specifications.

The Xmotos racing team makes a great impression all over the world. It is composed of five boys and a girl, which is pretty brave, considering that she is competing in a men’s world.

Recently, Xmotos integrated the latest AutoCAD features for the developing team, and this is the secret behind the prodigious activity of the company. Latest software combined with the dedication of the team allowed Xmotos to come up on the market with 30 new dirtbikes models in 4 years, and this is only the beginning. 99 % of the models released by Xmotos were approved by the international safety authorities, stating the good name of this manufacturer.

Xmotos has ambitious plans for the years to come. The capacity of the factory will be increased, and new models will be released. The current production is mainly based on 250 ccm models, but clients can request any of the previous models. The company is also proud of its ATV’s, which are made under the same standards of quality and safety, and this is another important direction of development.

Xmotos is already a recognized brand, with fans all over the world. From the pretentious European bikers, which are looking for quality to the Chinese buyers, which are interested about small prices, Xmotos has a model that can satisfy any needs and budget. With all those advantages, we are sure that the name Xmotos will be heard a lot in the biker’s world for the years to come.


Proud to present our models

Xmotos model’s history

Xmotos produced its first dirtbike in 2008. It was called Xmotos XB21, being designed by the Xmotos engineers. The model had instant success, because its great innovative design, and for its performances, which are impressive, considering the price of this motorcycle.

XB21 is a minibike, with its capacity of only 50.00 cm. it comes with a single engine with four strokes, and with an automatic gearbox. It has a weight of 50 kilograms, being one of the lightest in its class. It was intended for children, but it is largely used by adults also. XB21-D followed a few months later, having an increased power of 6.7 HP, and some additional safety features such as an airbag.

Model: XB-30




XB30 series was the next release of Xmotos. This model has a motor of 150 ccm, and 12.5 HP. With its 5-speed gearbox and a weight of 82 kilograms, it was immediately remarked by the passionate of dirt bikes. This was the model that brought Xmotos at an international level, showing the ambitious plans of the Chinese manufacturer. The models XB31, XB32, XB33 followed. In 2008, Xmotos launched XB-80, which was an updated version of the initial XB21 model made for enduro and off-road races.


During the year 2009, Xmotos focused on marketing and on gaining popularity, so there was no new model released. However, the year 2010 represents a revolution in the history of this company.

Model: X33 - Md125





The first release of 2010 was X33 Md125, a model based on the XB22 model from 2008. This time, we are talking about a super motard of 125 ccm, with 8.7 HP. Xmotos introduced the CDi ignition with this model, which was kept until today.

The models XP 125P and XPR 125 are about the same, with small differences. With those models, Xmotos imposed as a serious manufacturer on the market of small capacity motorcycles, and the fans of this brand appeared in countries like Germany and Japan.

2010 is the year when Xmotos decided to enter the market of medium motorcycle, with the model XZ 250R. This 250-ccm motorcycle was made for enduro and off-road competitions, having a power of 15 HP. It has a weight of 115 kilograms, and it was one of the most popular models of this producer.

Encouraged by the success of this model, the engineers of Xmotos decided to focus their researches on the 250-ccm motorcycles, and this is how XTR250W appeared. It has small improvements compared with the first 250-ccm model of Xmotos, but the safety of this vehicle is bigger. Xmotos continued to manufacture small capacity motorcycles, releasing even some new models, such as XZP250W, and XP140, a light motorcycle with an extra spark.

With so many achievements in only 4 years, there is no wonder that Xmotos is the name to watch for. The manufacturer has a bright future ahead, and we might talk about the next star of the motorcycle industry. With an impressive export capacity and with the increasing popularity, Xmotos has solid bases to develop.

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